Bouldering Projects


We love climbing.

Whenever possible, we disappear into the wilderness to play on boulders, crags, and mountains. In the city, we look forward to pulling on plastic. It’s our daily breath of fresh air to step onto padded floors in a room full of friends, stretching out tight muscles, and shaking off the day’s rust. We thrive in the frustration of falling off warm-up problems, the joy of unexpected strength, and the feeling of weightlessness. We love the concentration through crux sequences, laughing at sideways falls onto padded floors, problems you get, and problems that leave you humbled. In between are rest days, foam rollers, recovering muscles, raw fingertips, inspiration, beer, and the endless search for nail clippers.

What is the Bouldering Project? It’s our drive to create the best climbing gyms in the world. And it’s our dream to develop and progress the sport in an accessible, and socially and environmentally responsible way. An inclusive and welcoming gym. Expansive climbing walls. Innovative routesetting. Fitness and yoga programs. Workshops led by experts in their fields. Youth programs to engage and educate kids.

Everything we know and love about climbing, wrapped up into places we call Bouldering Projects.

There are Bouldering Projects in Seattle, Austin, and Minneapolis.