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Salt Lake Bouldering Project x Craft Physical Therapy

Salt Lake Bouldering Project and Craft Physical Therapy are teaming up to provide onsite physical therapy evaluations and treatments once a week!


BP members receive a 10% discount on all sessions! Scan the QR codes below to get more information, or click the button below to learn more about Craft Physical Therapy.





Craft Physical Therapy FAQs for SLBP Members

FAQs for SLBP Members:

  1. How does a member inquire about PT?
  1. What payment types are acceptable? How does it work?
  • All major credit/debit cards
    • HSA/FSA Cards are also accepted
  • Venmo
  1. How much can PT be expected to cost?
  • $135.00 per visit with a 10% BP Member discount = $121.50 per visit
  • Package deals are also available that offer additional per-visit discounts for upfront payment
  • Each physical therapy plan of care is different, requiring a different number of visits to address the problem successfully and resulting in a different overall cost. Our patients will work with our PTs to determine the most productive and realistic care plan to meet their needs.
  1. What does PT include?
  • Initial Evaluation
    • One-hour session one-on-one with your physical therapist
    • A conversation about health history, activity history, injury history, and present injury/symptoms.
    • Hands-on movement/joint/tissue assessment
    • Functional movement assessment
    • Relevant strength assessment
    • Education on exam findings
    • Communication of prognosis
    • Planning for home program and PT plan of care
  • Follow-up Visits
    • One-hour session one-on-one with your physical therapist
    • Review of home program and injury/activity/pain status
    • Re-exam of relevant mobility/strength/movement
    • Hands-on manual therapy, when indicated for symptom modification
    • Guided exercise to improve tissue quality, body awareness, coordination, mobility, and strength in relevant positions and patterns.
    • Planning for home program and progression of PT plan of care
  • Home exercises
    • Performing exercises on your own between PT appointments is paramount for a successful PT plan of care.
    • Our therapists will prescribe a home exercise routine similar to those performed during your PT sessions and directly applicable to the physical activities that are most important to you.
  • Manual Therapy
    • Manual therapy treatments will be performed when indicated to help reduce pain, decrease muscle tension and neural sensitivity, and improve joint range of motion.
    • Some of the manual therapy services we provide are:
      • Hands-on soft tissue work
      • Joint mobilizations
      • Instrument-assisted treatments
      • Dry needling
      • Stretching
    • Performance Testing
      • Craft PT also offers physical performance testing and performance training programs.
      • Testing includes:
        • Isometric strength testing
        • Forceplate testing
        • Jumping/running mechanics screening
  1. What times and days can PT at SLCBP be scheduled for?
  • TBD… tentatively Thursdays 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • In the event of a conflicting use of the Yoga studio, treatment will occur on Wednesdays at the same time above.

Setting Calendars

Keep an eye out for setting updates here.