BP Lab Presents Two Setting Courses:

Introduction to Boulder Setting

Duration 1 day, 8am-6pm

Available spots  6

Requirements This course is open to everyone. We recommend at least 3 years of climbing experience that includes some outdoor climbing.

Price $150

Description Take this course if you are interested in pursuing a career in route setting. In this daylong course, the BP setting team will answer all your questions about the profession of setting and guide you through the steps to set your first boulders. Topics covered will include a brief history of setting, a presentation on the tools and methods used by setters including safety and communication, and basic setting method to turn a climbing idea into a boulder with forerunning as a central part.

Minneapolis Bouldering Project, April 15th, 2019

Austin Bouldering Project, May 27th, 2019

Seattle Bouldering Project, June 12th, 2019

Advanced Commercial Setting Course

Duration 4 days, 8am-6pm

Available spots  8

Requirements Professional setting experience in commercial or competition environments required. 5 years or more of climbing experience, plus the ability to climb V5 in many styles is strongly recommended.

Application Please provide a resumé and short letter of interest. We will be looking for relevant climbing, setting, and other professional experience. Application review should take 3-4 days.

Price $800

Description Take this course if you are an experienced route setter, looking to push forward into the next phase of your career. In this 4-day course designed and led by our Director of Setting Tonde Katiyo and the BP setting team, you will learn techniques and methodologies being used at the forefront of setting to set more complex and engaging boulders at all levels. We will cover in detail the process used by the BP setting teams, and teach an in depth training on using circuit based setting as a framework for climbing progression. With emphasis placed on safety, communication, and team work, Tonde and the instructors will walk you through volume set up, managing collective creativity, and setting and forerunning methodology.

Escape Climbing, Setter Sponsorship The Escape Climbing, Setter Sponsorship is a need-based sponsorship to cover all course fees. Ryan and the good folks at Escape Climbing have expressed the desire to support the development of route setting and help broaden the access to setter education. If you believe you are eligible for this financial aid package, please include in your application a letter detailing why you should receive it. The review board is: Tonde Katiyo - Director of Setting for the Bouldering Project, Danielle Soncrant - Director of Communication and Human Resources for the Bouldering Project, and Ryan Angelo - Owner of Escape Climbing.

Minneapolis Bouldering Project, April 15th - 18th, 2019

Austin Bouldering Project, May 27th - 30th, 2019

Seattle Bouldering Project, June 10th - June 13th, 2019


Be sure to include your resumé with climbing and setting experiences, your letter of interest detailing your motivations for taking this course, and if applicable an application letter for the Escape Climbing, Setter Sponsorship.