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Seattle Climbing Classes

Poplar Climbing Classes

Want to level up your climbing? At Seattle Bouldering Project, we offer climbing classes and personal coaching for all skill levels.

All of Our climbing

Climbing - For First Timers

Intro to SBP

This 45 minute class introduces first time climbers to our space and equip you with the fundamentals needed to start climbing. Topics covered include safety, gym etiquette, falling technique and the programming and events we offer at SBP. We will make sure you’re comfortable in the gym as you begin climbing and that you know how to find success and fulfillment in your climbing journey here. Participants should arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in and try on climbing shoes. Reservation encouraged!

Climbing - For climbers of all circuits

Circuit Sessions

One of our most fun classes at SBP! This 90-minute class is for social climbers looking to meet other people in a fun atmosphere while learning about new ways to use our circuits. This class is how we create a community for all levels and a great way for our community to challenge themselves using our unique circuit system! Each week we rotate through different “circuits” – providing climbers with tools that can help improve their strength, endurance, and mental approach to climbing.

Climbing - For Red, Green, and Purple Circuit Climbers

Bouldering Foundations

Whether you’ve only climbed a few times or have been a member for months, this 90-minute class is for red, green, and purple circuit climbers looking to learn the fundamental climbing techniques, skills, and strategies necessary to unlock new movements and challenges. This class will cover an array of concepts from mental strategy to novel techniques that will give participants more confidence in their abilities moving forward. Reservation encouraged!

Climbing - For Purple, Orange and Black Circuit Climbers

Intermediate Bouldering

This four-week class is perfect for climbers in the green and purple circuits who are looking to break into the orange and black circuits. Climbers will work together along with their coach to understand concepts around climbing with a much higher attention to detail around specific movement styles and techniques. This is a great place to meet some new friends while developing skills that will help you move around the walls in style.

Climbing - For Climbers of All Circuits

Adult Climbing Team

Adult Team is a program designed for motivated adults who want an ongoing program in which they can work towards accomplishing their climbing goals with the help from experienced coaches in a supportive culture! Our coaches use initial sessions to understand our athletes goals and assess their areas of growth. They will then join an ongoing structured program designed to get them to their peak abilities. The Adult Team offers an inclusive and supportive vibe that helps our athletes feel comfortable to try their hardest.

Instructors & Coaches

Climbing Instructor

Javion Smith

I got my start in bouldering right here at the Bouldering Project in 2014. My specialty is coaching beginners and intermediate climbers who want to gain some perspective. When I was at that level, I didn’t have access to the classes we’ve built now and I learned from climbing with people with more experience. Now, I want to put climbers on the fast track to reaching their full potential.

Climbing Instructor

Milo Forbes

Throughout the more than 6 years I’ve spent coaching climbing, I’ve instructed a wide array of disciplines, from coaching private sessions with adults and youth, to coaching competitive climbers and climbing teams. I really enjoy coaching people through the intellectual and psychological aspects of movement in climbing.

Climbing Instructor

Eric Suen

I started climbing indoors 7 years ago at 23. After years of being a gym climber, I had the opportunity to transition towards outdoor climbing during the pandemic. I’ve lived and climbed in Squamish, Leavenworth, Bishop, Hueco, Joe’s Valley, Lake Tahoe, and Red Rocks.

Through years of learning and experimentation with various training programs and climbing a lot.. I’ve experienced success, failure, and even injuries. I’m currently projecting V13 and have sent multiple V12s outdoors. I look forward to sharing these experiences with you!

Climbing Instructor

Emily Nguyen

I love to meet folks where they’re at and approach instruction as a conversation. By focusing on technique, mental processes, and identifying unique abilities and barriers, I look to build confidence in your climbing toolbox, especially for beginner and intermediate climbers!

Climbing Instructor

Conner Cruz

Hey! My name is Conner Cruz, and coaching is my passion. I like to take a very hands on approach to my coaching, by giving climbers guidance and advice, while also trying to let them figure out problems on their own. By using this method, my students are able to strengthen their own climbing ability in the future by using ideas taught to them in the past.