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Seattle Yoga Classes

Fremont Yoga Classes

At Seattle Bouldering Project, we offer over 90 yoga and fitness classes per week, which are included with entry to the gym!

All of Our yoga

Yoga - 1 Hour

Power Flow

In a Power Flow yoga class you will dynamically move from one yoga posture to the next while connecting your breath to your movement. (75-85F).

Yoga - 1 Hour


Flow classes link breath and movement to fluidly move from one yoga posture to the next as you build strength, mobility, and coordination (75-80F).

Yoga - 1 Hour


This yoga class is a blend of movement, meditation, and stillness designed to support recovery, restoration, and ease. (75-80F)

Yoga - 1 Hour

Myofascial Release

Primarily utilizing yoga therapy balls, learn to release tight muscles through self-massage (70-75F).

Instructors & Coaches

Yoga Instructor

Noé K.

With a decade of teaching experience in Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, along with handstands and animal movement, Noé’s yoga classes are a blend of challenge and accessibility. His journey into yoga was sparked by the profound realization that the body and mind are intertwined; how we treat our body deeply affects our thoughts and emotions.

Yoga Instructor

Rachel H.

Finding my yoga practice felt like coming home. After spending nearly 20 years training as a dancer, I discovered yoga in 2019 and completed my first 200hr teacher training in 2021. I love to teach feel-good classes that use creative movement and natural layering to build strength and body awareness.