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Youth Programs

A LIfetime of Climbing Starts Here

Kids are natural climbers and watching them discover climbing makes for a special part of the Bouldering Project experience. Our youth programs teach kids skills like resilience, problem-solving, camaraderie, and calculated risk taking—all while tapping in to their love of adventure.

Registration for Summer Camps and Adventures are now open. Click the link below and select your location for more info.

You're a natural!
Getting Started

First Time Tips

If you have more questions check out our FAQs page or contact a location near you!

Bouldering is an exciting and fun sport—but it does come with risks. Follow the following rules to help mitigate these risks. Any parent, guardian or chaperone responsible for a youth must maintain direct supervision over the youth during the entirety of their visit. An adult cannot supervise more than 2 youth at a time.

Our rule of thumb is treat the gym like a busy street. You need to look both ways before you cross, be sure not to run ahead, and be aware of your surroundings—including whatever or whoever might be above you!

Like we said above, it’s important that you always watch out for other climbers and never get too close to where someone else is climbing!

When you’re on the mats (and in our gym in general), we want you to have fun, but safety is important! Running around, yelling, and engaging in horseplay or gymnastics isn’t just disruptive to other people using the gym…it might also get you hurt!

First Time Tips