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Access Memberships

About the Program

Our local communities are the heartbeat of our gyms, and our greatest impact comes from opening our spaces to include more people from those communities. Our Access Memberships come from our core value of inclusivity, and are designed to help reduce financial barriers to Bouldering Project Membership. These memberships are available to qualifying people at a reduced cost based on individual financial needs.

Access Membership Details

The Access Membership program is a self-select in, and self-select off program, offered at two reduced prices — a 25% reduction or a 40% reduction from our base price for monthly recurring memberships. People can apply for an Access Membership at the link below, applicants are waitlisted in the order in which their applications are received. Individuals with Access Memberships will have them for as long as they remain active and continue to self-select in to the program. **We trust that individuals will be truthful about their financial situations, and will allow this program to serve those who need it.

Membership Details

Local communities are the heartbeat of our gyms.

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