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Climbing Classes

We're here to help you explore movement through climbing

People climb for a number of reasons: because it’s social, silly, frustrating, hilarious, intimidating, inspiring, and so much more. Our goal with Bouldering Project classes is to share our love of climbing while teaching you what you need to know to climb your first, fifth or one millionth time. We offer classes for all ages and all experience levels—check out our classes below.


All of Our climbing

Climbing - Beginner

Intro to Bouldering

30 minute class to introduce you to the Poplar facilities and the basics of all of the programming offered here. Topics covered include proper falling technique, SBP’s circuit system, starting and finishing climbs, and basic climbing gym etiquette.

Climbing - Beginner

Beginner Bouldering

This one-hour class is for beginner climbers who are looking to learn basic climbing techniques to help them send yellow, red, and green boulders. This class will go over techniques and tactics that will create a strong foundation for all climbers.

Climbing - Intermediate

Intermediate Bouldering

This four-week class is for intermediate climbers who are comfortable on the green and purple circuits and are looking to break into orange and black climbs. The class will cover a few technical concepts each day with an emphasis on developing a growth mindset.

Climbing - All Levels

Adult Climbing Team

Adult Team is a program designed for motivated adults who want an ongoing program in which they can work towards accomplishing their climbing goals with the help from experienced coaches in a supportive culture! Our coaches use initial sessions to understand our athletes goals and assess their areas of growth. They will then join an ongoing structured program designed to get them to their peak abilities. The Adult Team offers an inclusive and supportive vibe that helps our athletes feel comfortable to try their hardest.

Climbing - All Levels

Private Instruction

Whether you’re just getting into climbing or have been at it for years, our passionate, experienced staff will help you improve your technique, structure your training, and accomplish your goals.