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Monthly Membership vs Punch Cards

More Visits, Less Money, Still Flexible

10 Punch Cards are a great option if you’re looking to maximize flexibility. But did you know that…

Our memberships are flexible

We don’t require multi-month up front commitments and you can cancel your membership at any time without penalty.

10 visits per month on a monthly membership is less than half the cost of a 10 punch card

And if you visit more than 10 times, it’s even less!

And of course, with a monthly membership, you can visit as often as you want!

Sometimes, you just want to attend an event and not do a full session in the gym…but you want to maximize the use of your passes. With a monthly membership, no more strategizing about when to use your punches – just come in!

Monthly Memberships

Adult (21 & Up)

Young Adult (Age 14-20)

Youth (13 & Under)

Benefits of Monthly Membership


Access to 11 Bouldering Project locations across the US!


Access to our full slate of yoga and fitness classes.


Regular free climbing classes to help you progress on your climbing journey.


2 free guest passes a month to use for family and friends.


Exclusive access to special members-only workshops, programs, and events.

Nope! If you switch to a Monthly Membership after using all 10 punches, we’ll waive your initiation fee.

We’ll credit your account with the value of the remaining punches!

Yes! You can cancel any time, and you can freeze your membership for just $5 per month. So if you have some big travel plans this year, you don’t have to worry about paying for a membership you’re not using while you’re out of town.

Email if you have any questions!