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Dallas Community Arts Program


Bouldering Project is designed to be a welcoming space that forges a vibrant community centered around health, friendship, and purpose.

Our Community Arts Program was created to amplify the artistic expression of our community members. We believe that fresh, community-generated art breathes life into our facility and inspires a more meaningful and thoughtful experience for our members and guests.

If you are interested in showing with us, please review our submission requirements below. If accepted, we will work with you to curate a selection of pieces to be displayed at BP for one month.


Dallas Bouldering Project welcomes many forms of artistic expression. Whatever your medium and inspiration, if you want to show your work at our facility we want to see it. We strive for a family-friendly, inclusive space. Therefore, submissions that depict hateful elements, nudity, profanity or political propaganda will be automatically disregarded. Pieces that are inspired by nature, movement and Dallas culture are encouraged. Please ensure your submission(s) are sized to adequately.

Click Here to submit for a showing at Dallas Bouldering Project.