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Our Retail Offerings

What's in Our Pro Shop

From climbing shoes and chalk to crash pads and recovery tools, we have everything you might need for all things climbing. Our specific retail items may vary, but we reliably carry a range of products whether you’re just starting your climbing journey or have been climbing for years. We also regularly run demos for items like shoes, which you might want to try before you buy.


Specific models and sizes may vary season to season, but we reliably carry Scarpa, La Sportiva, and Tenaya climbing shoes.

Come in and try a pair to see how they fit or try before you buy, and attend one of our shoe demos.

At MBP shoe demos, you’ll have an opportunity to try on multiple shoes from our featured brand, climb in them for 10-15 minutes at a time, and make truly educated decisions about fit, comfort, and performance.

If you choose to purchase shoes during the demo, you will get a bonus discount on any brand that we carry. Members of MBP always receive 10% off retail. During demos, however, members get 20% off shoe purchases and non-members get 10% off.



We have a selection of different brands of chalk and chalk varieties – from loose chalk and chalk balls, to liquid chalk – you’ve got options so you’re gripping your best on the wall.

Chalk Bags, Buckets, and More

We’ve got classics, like Organic Climbing chalk bags and buckets as well as smaller brands, so you find a bag that fits your vibe.

Additionally, we carry a small selection of gear & gym bags to tote your stuff and ditty bags for smaller items.

Want to take your climbing outside? We sell crashpads for bouldering outdoors (and rent them if you don’t want to commit to buying yet)!


Climbers can be very particular about the skincare. We get it. You need options. We have several varieties, both big name brands and locally-made products to soothe sad skin. Along with nail clippers and files, you have all the necessities to fill out your skincare kit.


If you love MBP and want everyone to know it, we got shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, hats, and water bottles to help you show your love.

We drop new apparel seasonally, so you’ve always got fresh swag.

Training Tools and Recovery Gear

Portable hangboards, blocks, at-home training tools, recovery aids, and more. We have the basics covered when it comes to all things training and recovery. If you’re looking for gear outside of climbing training, we also have yoga mats, towels, Therabands, and a few other supplemental essentials.

Crash Pads + Crash Pad Rentals

Whether you’re ready to buy your first crash pad for your climbing adventures or just want to try out outdoor bouldering for the day, MBP has pads for sale and rental.