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Salt Lake – Boulderfest 2023

Boulderfest 2023 Recap!

Boulderfest is an electric community event that centers human connection and friendly competition featuring an all-levels youth and adult comp, open finals, music, food trucks, raffles and more.

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You can see our photo galleries from Boulderfest 2023 on our Facebook Page

Our 2023 Boulderfest Open Finals Winners:


  1. Melina Costanza
  2. Campbell Sarinopoulos
  3. Liv Ogier


  1. Chris Cosser
  2. Oscar Baudrand
  3. Guy McNamee









Boulderfest Salt Lake City

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What are the different categories?

Boulderfest is first and foremost about community, having fun, and trying your hardest. Everyone, altogether, climbing hard and encouraging one another on every move.

  • USA Climbing Youth Qualification

  • Recreational – Yellow/Red/Green

  • Intermediate – Purple/Orange/Black

  • Advanced – Black/Blue/Pink

Our Recreational, Intermediate, and Advanced categories are gender inclusive. We will have two sessions (10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm) for Recreational, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Competitors should sign up for the time slot that best fits their schedule!

How do you choose your category? 

Competitors will self-select into their respective categories during the registration process.  The idea is to challenge yourself!

When trying your absolute hardest, if you are able to top 10 boulders in the highest color available in that category in one climbing session, you should compete at the next level up.

See the example below:

Example: “I generally climb purples/oranges/blacks. I can flash most oranges.”

  • When trying your hardest, are you able to complete 10 black boulders in one climbing session?

    • We recommend the Advanced Category.

  • When trying your hardest, is the Black category overall still challenging, meaning you can’t send 10 black boulders in one climbing session?

    • We recommend the Intermediate Category.

Open round competitors should be climbing predominantly whites and/or pinks. If a climber is able to climb white boulders, they more than likely should register for the Open category.

What is the Open Category?

  • Open – Pink/White

This round will have SLC designated judges scoring at each boulder.  The top 6 men and top 6 women from the open qualifier round will advance to finals.

Be a part of the action!

Volunteers will receive special swag, lunch and 3 Day Passes

($60 value) to their Bouldering Project account that will be applied after November 4.

Volunteers may compete in a session opposite of their working shift.

Volunteers must still pay to register for Boulderfest to compete.

Register Here.