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Seattle Approach Youth Program Sign Up Walk Through


Email for questions about booking Poplar youth programs and for questions about booking Fremont youth programs.

1. If you do not have an Approach account, use this link to sign a waiver and create an account. If you and the participating children already have accounts, skip to step 6.

2. Click “create an account” and enter an email and password. It may prompt you to fill out household and waiver information. Please do so if necessary. If it does not, follow steps 3-5.

3. Set up YOUR OWN profile first

4. Click the household tab and set up profiles for all children attending

5. Once all profiles have been created, click the “sign waiver” tab, select the “Seattle Poplar” location for Poplar or “Seattle Fremont” for Fremont and check the boxes for everyone in your household.

6. Now that you’re in your account with signed waivers, select your class. You can also navigate to sign up through the Approach website, but the following links will be more direct.

7. Select the program your child would like to participate in, scroll to the bottom, and click the plus button to add the number of participants and add to cart. 

8. If you want to add more classes to your cart, go back to step 6, your cart will be saved!

9. Once all tickets have been added to cart, accept the Terms and Conditions for each ticket and assign each ticket to the participating child. Press checkout now to complete the purchase.

10. You will receive a confirmation email from the website for each of the purchased programs. An email from our staff with additional information will be sent out prior to the program.