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After School Programs

The place for your youth to explore, grow, and climb after school

Our after school programs feature climbing, activities, discovery and social time, no matter the experience level. After school programs are for youth ages 3-15.

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Youth Rules and Expectations

Climbing is an exciting and fun sport—but it does come with risks. We insist on highly-attentive adult supervision to mitigate these risks for youth and other climbers. Before climbing with us, please read these tips.

  1. Youth under the age of 14 must be closely accompanied by an adult at all times.
  2.  Our supervision ratio is 2 to 1; up to 2 youth climbers can be supervised by 1 adult chaperone at a time.
  3. Stay far from the walls and out of fall zones when moving through the gym or waiting to climb. A “fall zone” is anywhere on the mats where a climber could land if they were to fall. 
  4. Make sure to check where a route ends before starting to climb–some routes are close together or even overlap, and you don’t want to end up directly above, below, or next to another climber. 
  5. This is a climbing gym! Please save running, wrestling, horseplay, and gymnastics for other spaces. 

Have questions about climbing, the facility, or risk?

Ask our staff—we are here to help.