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Developing Athletes through Competition

Youth Teams

Our youth climbing teams

Our teams help youth to develop as climbers, fostering personal growth through goal setting, developing critical thinking skills, and increasing self confidence through a competitive platform.

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Youth Climbing at Bouldering Project

Youth Safety Tips and Rules

Bouldering is an exciting and fun sport—but it does come with risks. Highly-attentive adult supervision is crucial for the safety of youth and other climbers. Here are a few tips:

  1. The gym is a busy place. Be cautious as you explore.
  2. Our rule of thumb is treat the gym like a busy street. You need to look both ways before you cross, be sure not to run ahead, and be aware of your surroundings—including whatever or whoever might be above you!
  3. Never climb above, near, or below another climber.
  4. There’s a lot going on around you when you’re climbing. Make sure to pay attention to all the people climbing around you, and give them space. Make sure to look left, right, up, AND sometimes even down before you start your climb.
  5. No running, yelling, horseplay, or gymnastics.
  6. We want the gym to be a fun place, but to keep everyone safe, it’s important that no one runs or engages in horseplay or gymnastics…especially on the mats.

Have questions about bouldering, the facility, or safety?

Ask our staff—we are here to help you stay safe.