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Friends with Benefits

New Members

Get referred by a friend, get your initiation fees waived, plus get a locally designed T-shirt and chalk bag (while supplies last).

You’ll also get 20% off one pair of shoes from our pro-shop and a free crash pad rental!

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Current Members

When you refer 1 or more friends, you get…

  • $25 credit per referral (up to $75)
  • Free locally designed T-shirt
  • Free crash pad rental
  • 20% off one pair of shoes
  • Entry into a raffle for a free year of membership (one ticket per referral after your 4th)

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Offer valid through January 15, 2024
You must be an active member to refer new members
Anyone who is currently on a holiday promo or currently a member cannot be referred in this promo
If a member is referring a friend, they are both required to be present
Each sign up is required to pay their prorated dues to get their swag
No initiation fees for member referrals