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Connecting to our Training Boards

First thing is to make sure the board is on. To check this, you need to go behind the board and make sure the red light on the black computer box is on.

Download the app for the corresponding board.

  • Tension2 (left)
  • Kilter (middle)
  • Moon 2016 (right)

Once the app is open, locate the board in the app under the “Boards” icon. You can also find the board in the “gym(s)” map

  • ABP Tension2 Spray Layout
  • ABP Springdale Kilter Board
  • Moon Board 2016

Now that you have chosen the board you want to use you can set the angle for the Tension2 board at whatever you’ll be using and it is the Spray Layout.

The MoonBoard is fixed @ 40 degrees

The Kilter board is the Original 12×12 layout

Note: The Kilter Board has a stop switch which will turn the hydraulics off if raised to high.

Note: The Tension2 board is all screw-on and the Kilter board is both screw-on and bolted. All three boards have lights.

Once you have that set, you can open a problem on the app, click the lightbulb icon (LED Connect) to connect to your phone. You should see the board pop up, click on the board and it will connect you through Bluetooth to the board. Be sure your Bluetooth is on.

From here you are good to go. You can create your own “new” problem on the board through the app, or you may scroll through preset problems as you wish.