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Beer League – Salt Lake Bouldering Project

Salt Lake Bouldering Project Beer League Season 2!

Join us on March 7th to meet possible future teammates, try out the scoring system, and ask us any questions you may have before signing up for this spring’s Beer League! Members can try out Beer League for free, and nonmembers can try it out for a discounted day pass.  All contestants get a free Beer from Epic (alcoholic) or Best Day Brewing for the N/A fans!

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Spring Season:

  • March 7th – Dry run (social event to gather teammates and try it out) 
  • Season March 14th – April 4th 
  • Thursday’s 6 pm – 9 pm

Fall Season:

  • Info coming soon!

All You Need to Know:


  • $20 for members
  • $90 for non members (includes a 5 punch pass)


We’re hosting Beer League every Thursday from 6pm to 9pm. You’ll compete in teams of 4. If you don’t have a team, we’ll find one for you! Each season lasts 4 weeks with weekly competitions on Thursday evenings, and we’ll have a big finals event with a DJ and special boulders set just for you! It’s all about having fun and building community. Winning teams get announced at the Evo bar upstairs after each night and each participant gets a free beer token per night.

Scoring and Rules: 

We will implement a handicapped scoring system in which we will rely on competitors’ honesty to classify their own “handicap grade”. This will be defined as the color that they climb every route of in the gym. Climbs of that handicap grade will receive a score of 100, one color up will give you a score of 200, another color up 300 and so on. If a competitor climbs a grade that is 4 or more colors harder than their handicap grade, or achieves a single comp score of more than 1850, they will be automatically reclassified to a higher handicap grade. This will be framed as a celebration, not as an accusation of cheating. If a climber gets reclassified we will announce it during the weekly award announcements and they will receive 500 bonus points as well as a free beer token. This will disproportionately reward improvement against one’s self rather than overt competition with others.  Please refer to this spreadsheet for a better visualization of the scoring system. This system breaks down at the extremes of someone not being able to climb every yellow in the gym as well as someone who could climb every pink in the gym or harder. I have added some scoring variation at those extremes, but I am open to feedback about those edge scenarios.

Competitors’ scores would be determined by adding the point totals of their 5 hardest climbs. Team scores would be determined by the average of all team members’ scores. The season long scores would be determined by adding up each week’s score. We will drop everyone’s lowest week. Please see this scorecard outline for reference. Please see this sheet for scoring.


*Routes can only be used for scoring once. For example, you can’t milk the same soft blue every week!

Swag & Prizes:

  • 1 beer token per person per week
  • 1 Beer Stein
  • Final Raffle on finals night with Arcteryx Goodies!

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