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Austin – Bounty Boulders


Bounty Boulders


Be the first to send the Wanted Boulders to win!



  • In the month of June we will be setting 6 extra hard boulders (3 at Springdale, 3 at Westgate).
  • Be the first person to send any of these boulders and win a free pair of climbing shoes of your choice!


How hard will the boulders be? 

The goal is for all of these boulders to be the hardest boulders we have ever set at ABP. Think V13+

How do I enter? 

Anyone can enter. All you have to do is be the first person to send the boulder to win.

How do I know which boulders are the Wanted ones? 

There will be a special tag next to the Wanted Boulder. We will also post on our Instagram each time a new Wanted Boulder is set with the location of the boulder.

How do I confirm I’m the first person to send the boulder? 

You MUST film your send to win! Once you’ve sent the boulder, show your send video to a staff member at the front desk to confirm you were the first to send. We also ask that you share the video with us so we can post on our Instagram!

How do I claim my prize if I win? 

If you win, we will contact you to claim your prize!

What is the prize? 

The prize for each Wanted Boulder is 1 pair of climbing shoes of your choice from our retail selection.

Can I win more than once? 

Yes. If you are the first person to send multiple of the Wanted Boulders, you can win multiple pairs of shoes.