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Community Clubs at MBP


AAC BIPOC – Saturdays, 6-8pm

Climb ASL – Sundays, 4-6pm

OutClimb – First and Third Thursdays, 7-9pm

Queer Beta – Follow for details

Running Beta – Mondays, 6pm

She Sends Collective – First Sunday, 6-8pm

V40 Bouldering Club – Second and Fourth Wednesday, 7-9pm

Sober Climbing Club – First Saturday, 12pm


OutClimb is a climbing club that centers around creating a welcoming space for queer, non-binary, and trans people of all backgrounds and skill levels. Climbing is historically white, cisgender, heterosexual, and male dominated; OutClimb looks to change that by providing a queer organized and led space where folks can hangout, climb, and learn with each other.

Minneapolis Bouldering Project has single stall locking bathrooms with lockers nearby, and a no questions asked policy for using the gendered locker rooms you identify with.

It would be fantastic for folks to come out, climb, be queer, and learn new stuff. Anyone and everyone is welcome, bring your friends! OutClimb meets on the first and third Thursday of every month from 7:00-9:00 pm.

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Running Beta is place to come run and/or climb regardless of wherever you are in your journey with either sport and have guidance toward getting better at them only if you’re soliciting the help. We specialize in hosting runners who want to try out climbing for the first time or climbers that want to try out running for the first time, or people that just kinda like doing both. We create a space to do either or both while tinkering to see what works for you. Never focusing on getting to a “destination” when it comes to either activity or what you can’t do, just looking at your future self relative to your current self and having fun doing the activities in whatever dosage is fun to you. Running and climbing, however, are the Beta to our group’s Alpha mission: Community. While our main two activities are running and climbing, we are a community group foremost, supporting each other on our journeys with both sports. Running Beta meets Mondays at 6pm out of the Minneapolis Bouldering Project.

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She Sends Collective (SSC) combines quality education and community to create confident and empowered women + genderqueer climbers, serving through both climbing and non-climbing experiences, community events, and quality education. SSC seeks to empower climbers to take their climbing journey wherever they see fit.

Locally, SSC host monthly meet ups, is involved with community events, hosts non-climbing activities, supports queer programming in the climbing community, hosts educational events and clinics with AMGA guides, and holds workshops to support the next generation of climbers.

Instagram | Website | Email List


V40 is a club for those approximately 40 years and older who would like to meet boulderers closer to their age group, with the ever so young MBP clientele. We want everyone to feel empowered and comfortable to move their bodies and boulder at any age, any skill level.  First timers to advanced climbers of all genders. Club nights are the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month, 7-9pm.



Sober Climbing Club meets on the first Saturday of each month from 12-2 pm. There is no skill required to join, only a desire to be sober. Many of our members identify as people in recovery from drugs and alcohol ranging from 24 hours to 26 years. Our primary purpose as a group is to have fun and meet new people who may also identify as in recovery or who are sober curious. Whether it be your first time climbing ever or 1000, we want to welcome you with open arms, deep chalk buckets, and bad icebreakers. SCC welcomes all gender identities, sexual orientations, and people of color and is committed to holding a 100 percent nonjudgmental space for everyone.


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Bouldering Project is proud to support locally organized climbing clubs. These clubs help provide community within community. If you are looking for your people, check out these groups and see if you align. If you have a group idea that you don’t see represented here, email us. Find your community.