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Sends with Friends

The Fremont Series is coming back to Upper Walls for its final event of the year.  Join us on Saturday, December 2nd for another round of Sends with Friends – a team competition focused on having fun and working together to solve new challenges.



This is a 3-person team climbing competition where everyone’s attempts count towards your overall score. Every team has three members and each category will have a selection of 10 boulders. Only one group member is allowed to try on any given boulder. Your team must decide, before trying it, who will attempt which boulders out of the 10. Every team member must have at least three boulders that they attempt, meaning that one of your team member will be climbing four boulders. Team mates are allowed to coach and offer advice but can not try other team members’ boulders.

Use the information below to choose your team’s category. If your team is trying to decide between two, choose the harder one.

  • Recreation (V0-V4)
    Choose this category if you identify as a newer climber, want to try competing in a fun competition, and/or you don’t fit the Intermediate description yet.  Choose this category if you can climb the majority of Yellows, Reds, a lot of Greens, and a couple of Purples.

  • Intermediate (V3-V6)
    Choose this category if you can climb the majority of Purples, Oranges, and Blacks.

  • Advanced/Expert (V6+)
    Choose this category if you can climb the majority of Blues, Pinks, and Whites.


USAC: Information and registration links coming soon! (We will be needing volunteers for this session. Please stay tuned for updated links to apply.)

Session 1:

  • Check-in for Session 1 opens: 3:00pm

  • Rules meeting: 3:35pm

  • Climbing for Session 1: 3:45pm-5:15pm

Session 2:

  • Check-in for Session 2 opens: 4:30pm

  • Rules meeting: 5:20pm

  • Climbing for Session 2: 5:30pm-7:00pm

Prizes for each session include swag from Arcteryx Seattle, Friction Labs, La Sportiva, Kavu, Trango and more!


Teams of three can register their team here!

Only one person from each team needs to register. Following completion of your payment for this event, you will receive an email with a form to enter the information for your other team members. Please complete this form within a week of your registration.


Q: Do all team members have to be of the same ability level?

A: All team members should fall within the boundaries of the category they sign up for or they should bump up to the highest level within the group.

Q: I want to sign up but I don’t have a partner?

A: There is a partner sign up sheet posted at Upper Walls.  Folx can list their name, contact, category and session times they are available to climb.  People will be responsible to contact each other and create a team.

Q: How many problems per category?

A: 10 per category.

Q: Can someone sign up for more than 1 team if it’s different sessions?

A: Unfortunately no – it’s just one team.

Q: How does scoring work?

A: Every boulder in each category (10 boulders per category) is worth 100 points. Points are only given to boulders that are topped. Every attempt taken is 1 point off of the boulder’s 100 point value. Your final score will be the sum of the boulders your team completes minus your overall team attempts.

Q: Will the gym be closed and when?

A: Upper Walls will be closed the Friday before and all day to Saturday for general climbing.  We will be setting on Friday and only open for competitors and spectators on Saturday.  The gym will be closed early on Saturday night.

Q: Where can I warm up?

A: Like all community comps, you will check-in at Upper Walls and then will be given a special pass to warm up at the Fremont Main building.

Q: Do you have to be a member or buy a daypass?

A: No, anyone can join this community comp.

Q: What is the situation with parking?

A: We will encourage folks to park at the Brooks Building at 3400 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103.  Otherwise there is street parking, we just ask folks to pay attention to the parking signs.  We also have plenty of bike parking between the two buildings.  Please be respectful of the neighbors in the area and don’t block driveways.

Q: Are you able to change sessions and what is the cancellation/refund policy?

A: Due to the nature of this event, we will try our best effort to accommodate any changes between sessions. Just note a change cannot be guaranteed until you have confirmation from

*We will not offer refunds for this event.